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Reflections - Before it Rains Again
I painted this piece in the Autumn of 2018, when the rain suddenly arrived after my wife had hung the washing. I ran of the studio to gather the washing and take it inside when I recalled something my mother had said many times when I was a child in the North West, UK - that the washing needed to be hung 'before it rains again'. The original was painted on Heavy Mixed Media paper, using Acrylic paint applied with Knife, Brush and using string to mimic the washing line. The physical version was 42cm x 30cm (A3) and sold to a private collector for £520. This is part of the Reflections collection, see the full set at http://www.markjdiez.com/mixed-media-art/reflections/
~ $0.00
Mark J Diez - Author | Artist | Maker
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