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Reflections - No Miners for a Tunnel
As a youth I used to adventure around a woodland and abandoned railway that had once been a way to transport iron ore from local mines. The mines were long since gone, as were those that worked in them. One day my friends and I emerged through the edge of the woodland to discover a mine entrance in the cliff face we had rarely approached. We saw rocks had been brought down some distance within and the tracks that once carried out the valuable cargo lay in front, broken and rusted. What struck me was that instead of there being no mine for miners, there was in fact no miners for this tunnel to the ore once so eagerly sought, the industry now gone and the miners moved on. The original was painted on Acrylic and masked using Artists Tape, painted with Knife, Brush and enlivened with Texturing and Scraping Objects I made in my studio. The physical work is 59cm x 84cm (A1) and sold for £970. This is part of the Reflections collection, see the full set at http://www.markjdiez.com/mixed-media-art/reflections/
~ $0.00
Mark J Diez - Author | Artist | Maker
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